EMMA Diagnostic

From Marketing as cost center to Marketing as Growth Accelerator

While EMMA Essential gives you a great overall of your marketing maturity, we believe that only a full, detailed analysis can suggest the specific steps to structure a marketing unit delivering real growth.



A Four perspectives approach

In order to give you the most accurate perspective, we created an analytic framework using our twenty+ years experience in B2B marketing, from start-ups to IT leaders, and from consulting to international agencies, we met with entrepreneurs from Asia, Central & Western Europe, and from Scandinavia.
We believe that only this 360 degree approach can give us the ability to leverage marketing with an entrepreneurial mindset.

An Analysis from global architecture to specific details

Marketing should be a growth accelerator, but the configuration of its numerous tools and channels has become more and more complex & interdependent.
This is why we perform a dual approach analysis of a full marketing funnel strength review and specific channel performance assessment.

And, as we believe marketing should be approached the same way as business, we chose the classic ‘People – Process – Technology’ structure to give you an action minded diagnostic.

An Action minded roadmap

We believe that a good diagnostic allows you to take action. Immediately.
That is why we deliver a solid roadmap, including a precise scope of work and effort estimate (time & budget).
We can either assist you or train you to run, measure and optimize appropriate marketing strategies & activities.

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