Early Marketing Maturity Assessment

EMMA measures the effort of building healthy marketing
in B2B IT industry companies above series A funding.

All this through a fast, automated, and cost efficient online tool.

What you get

EMMA essentials

Ten fundamental questions to go through your marketing efficiency in delivering growth.
You will get an overview of your marketing maturity based on B2B IT benchmark of key performance indicators and digital marketing best practices.
This assessment is free to use!

EMMA diagnostic

A full spectrum analysis of your marketing, using the classic framework People, Process and Technology, to which we added a focus on the interface marketing/business.
We deliver a detailed diagnostic including a list of tasks to be done and an estimate on cost & time.
So you can build a healthy and efficient marketing.

EMMA accelerate

Post diagnostic, we partner with your agency (or we connect you with one) and we guide & assist you in building strong and efficient marketing.
Through optimal architecture, strategy & actions, we will make sure your marketing unit delivers growth and revenue.

How we work

We Audit

We Audit

We scan the company's marketing through an multiple questions online survey.
This enables us to understand the strengths and challenges faced by the target company's marketing.

We Analyze

We Analyze

We match the audit to a set of weighted rules based on our 20 years experiences in startups, agencies and IT leaders around the World.

We diagnose

We diagnose

We deliver a roadmap including scope of work, cost & time needed for marketing to deliver an optimal volume of high quality leads.

About Canablava: 20 years experience in marketing architecture.




EMMA is Powered by Canablava.
Canablava is a consulting firm established in Stockholm since 2012 helping companies in their digitalisation journey.
We’ve been working for the past twenty years in France, UK, India, Romania and in Scandinavia, within ad agencies, start-ups and large enterprises.
This mix of experience gave us a genuine 360º way to look at a company’s marketing and allow us to transform data into insights, insights into actions, and actions into optimisation.
And from Tieto to IBM, from the Ogilvy Group to Lenovo, we are proud to have helped prestigious companies to create, innovate and grow faster.

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